Survey and Polling Module Released with Newfies-Dialer v1.1

phone survey solution


Only a couple of short months since our first stable release of Newfies-Dialer, multi-tenant mass voice broadcasting and auto-dialer software, we are now releasing version 1.1.

The biggest visual change is the new user interface based on Twitter-Bootstrap, recently developed and open-sourced by the Twitter engineering team. Bootstrap provides a clean and uniform solution resulting in a stylish and modern look for Newfies-Dialer.

An audio upload module named Audio-Files has been added, letting audio to be uploaded in MP3, Wav and Ogg formats and optionally, switch formats and down-sample audio. The Audio-files module supports distributed Newfies-Dialer installations, so that any node in the Newfies-Dialer system can access and play the audio file from a single source.

The most exciting addition is the the polling and survey module, which allows you or your customer to easily create online surveys and polls via the customer interface. This provides market research, opinion polls and other interactive surveys for Newfies-Dialer.

The Newfies-Dialer Auto-Dialer Platform is assembled entirely from free and Open Source components including Freeswitch, Plivo, RabbitMQ/Redis, Celery and Django. A beginners guide to installing and configuring Newfies-Dialer can be found at

For more information about the capabilities of Newfies-Dialer, please browse our website at or contact us for custom development and consultancy at