Newfies-Dialer V2.0 Released

autodialer solution

This latest release of Newfies-Dialer adds some of the the following enhancements, from improvements to the survey functionality through to brand new features such as Answering Machine Detection. Phone Survey The survey has been enhanced to easily allow repetitive surveys and maintain consistent reporting. A survey template is created, and when it is attached to […]

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SMS Module Released

Star2Billing are pleased to announce the availability of an SMS module for Newfies-Dialer which gives Newfies-Dialer the capability to send text messages to cell phones for the purposes of marketing, mass emergency broadcasting, and dissemination of information. Sending SMS messages to many thousands of contacts builds on the capabilities of Newfies-Dialer to provide voice broadcasting […]

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The Power of Voice Broadcast Marketing

voice broadcasting

There was a time when if you wanted to market your product or services to people there was only two options: the phone and the mail service. Now, with the internet, a myriad of different marketing tools are available, from emails and websites, to social media, blogs and even video channels. However, these new marketing […]

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