Power Dialing for Newfies-Dialer


For the latest 4.8 release of Newfies-Dialer, there are a raft of new features. Our major milestone is introducing power dialing to Newfies-Dialer. You set the number of agents that will be available, and Newfies-Dialer makes sure that enough calls are made to keep the agents occupied, while not exceeding capacity. Newfies-Dialer is a power […]

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10,000 concurrent calls with Newfies-Dialer Version 4

voice broadcasting

Version 4 of Newfies-Dialer is now in production with a number of our customers. The main enhancement is an increase in capacity, one Newfies-Dialer system can now handle 10,000 concurrent calls, although smaller single server systems are available. To achieve this capacity, we’ve optimised a number of areas for better performance: Restructured database Optimised call distribution […]

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