The Power of Voice Broadcast Marketing

voice broadcasting

There was a time when if you wanted to market your product or services to people there was only two options: the phone and the mail service. Now, with the internet, a myriad of different marketing tools are available, from emails and websites, to social media, blogs and even video channels. However, these new marketing tools such as Voice Broadcast Marketing haven’t made the old methods obsolete; in fact, many of these digital marketing methods have made voice marketing even more effective.

While sending out emails to all your customers and potential clients may seem like an easy way of promoting your business, you can never know exactly how many of these emails have landed in people’s inboxes or are actually sucked up by spam filters. Furthermore, because people receive so many emails throughout the day, very few of them are actually read in their entirety.

Voice Broadcast Marketing

Voice broadcast marketing can yield a far better response rate compared to email or direct mail. Even live telemarketing can’t offer such results as people often hang up on salespeople over the phone before the telemarketer has even had a chance to deliver the message. With a recorded voice broadcast, people are more receptive to hearing the message, as they don’t feel the same pressure to interact. This ensures the voice message is listened to in its entirety. In addition, despite the prevalence of the internet, not everybody is online, but nearly everybody has access to a phone, whether a landline or mobile, which makes voice broadcast marketing able to reach a larger number of people than even email.

For some industries, business is done solely by phone. Think of service industries such as taxi companies. Few taxi companies allow their customers to order a cab by email, so speaking to somebody at a taxi company requires picking up the phone. Of course, taxi companies are very busy, so any salesperson trying to offer a taxi operator cheap taxi insurance or other relevant product, may be seen as a nuisance. However, a short, concise voice message is more likely to be listened to, especially if it is offering a product or service that would interest the taxi company in question.

With voice broadcast messaging, it doesn’t even matter if people aren’t about to answer the phone. Because voice broadcast marketing doesn’t require instant interaction with a salesperson, it is just as effective when messages are left on an answer machine, and people generally listen to the entire message once they check their voice mail service.

Voice Dialers

Telemarketing can be expensive. Having to pay sales staff to call round your target customers can become extremely costly, especially when you consider the poor success rate of telemarketing. However, by using an autodialer, a single message can be sent to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, all of whom will receive the exact same message, without any deviation.

Voice dialers have a wide range of marketing applications, including:

  • Sales – selling up-selling and cross-selling products and services.
  • Building customer loyalty – keep existing customers up to date with the latest offers, products and services
  • Fund-raising – for charities and political campaigns, an autodialer provides a simple and inexpensive solution for reaching large numbers of people
  • Information delivery – for emergency broadcasts, or the latest news from the financial markets
  • Appointments – confirming and arranging meetings, appointments and conference attendance
  • Brand building – increasing brand awareness and enhancing a company’s image.


Originally designed for a charity in Zimbabwe, where internet was limited but there was a comprehensive mobile phone coverage, Newfies-Dialer was used to provide people with health information. However, because Newfies-Dialer can reach hundreds, thousands and even millions of people each day, it is the perfect solution for effective and inexpensive voice broadcast marketing.

Newfies-Dialer can support distributed processing on cloud servers or be installed on a standalone server, and it is simple and easy to use. Contacts, phonebooks and campaigns are selected by the user, who then chooses a voice application. Newfies-Dialer then spools the outbound calls using the Freeswitch Telephony engine, which dials the contact, and once the call is answered, either by a person or an answering machine, Newfies-Dialer is notified and the relevant message is relayed via Freeswitch.

Regardless of the marketing application, Newfies-Dialer provides a simple and effective way for reaching huge numbers of contacts and delivering messages that actually get heard, which makes it one of the most effective auto dialer systems around for delivering voice broadcast marketing.

Written by our Guest Blogger, Imogen Reed


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