With the latest 3.9 version and later of Newfies-Dialer, there are some major changes, mostly due to the development to allow time zone dialing, that is to say dialling contacts at an appropriate time according the time zone of the contact.

The time zone of the contact’s telephone number is determined when contacts are uploaded, so any contacts that are in the system when Newfies-Dialer is upgraded will not necessarily have the right time zone.

Importing Contacts

To make use of the time zone feature, you will have to re-import your contacts.

On installation or upgrade, a default location for your system will have been set. So in the USA, when a contact is imported, it will check to see if your imported numbers have +1 in front of them. If they haven’t then +1 will automatically be added. If your contacts are in 11 digit format, then only the + will be added, as the contacts are imported, the time zone is detected.

Contact Numbers showing Time Zone

If it is a UK system, then +44 will automatically be added in the same way as above if not present already.

Not all carriers accept the + so this may be removed by the remove prefix field against the gateway. The Newfies-Dialer team will help with this.

If your system is based in one country, say USA, and you want to make calls to another country with a different dial code, e.g. UK, then contacts have to be imported in full international format, for instance +441179114474

Existing contacts and DNC

Existing contacts in phone books and in your DNC lists will be modified by the Newfies-Dialer team on upgrade to have the + sign and country code inserted, so a number stored as 202-464-8397 will be converted to +12024648397, this will ensure that you can use existing lists without reimporting them, but note that these lists will not respect the time zone.

Using the Time Zone Feature

The Time Zone feature is only operates in the USA, but other countries are being added. Simply set the Daily Start and Daily Finish times of your campaign and set Time Zone Dialing to On. Contacts will then be called according their local time.

Enable Time Zone Support

Other Changes

There have been a number of changes relating to the performance of Newfies-Dialer, a number of bug fixes, and many improvements to the reporting.

Any issues or problems, or to schedule an installation or upgrade, please contact us