Vicidial Alternative

Newfies-Dialer - A Vicidial Alternative

Goautodial and Vicidial which both have their roots in the open source product, Vicidial. Both are Asterisk based call centre systems with the ability to do outbound campaigns, predictive dialling, one-call-at-a-time calling, handle inbound calls and include some PBX functionality.

However, if you already have invested in a competent call centre PBX from one of the traditional manufacturers such as Alcatel-Lucent and Nortel or you are making use one of the many outsourced call centres, then replacing it with another system may not be practicable, desirable or cost effective, when all you need is a simple transfer to your agent’s queue.

A Vicidial alternative could be Newfies-Dialer if you already have the call centre infrastructure in place, but lack an auto-dialer, which can be expensive if added as a module onto an existing PBX system, as well as the potential expense and logistics of adding the infrastructure to cope with thousands of extra calls per minute or per hour.

Newfies-Dialer is usually installed in the cloud, making outbound calls via your chosen telecoms carrier, playing a message to your contacts, and inviting them to press 1 to speak to a live agent.

When your contact presses 1, then a call is made either via the telephone network, or directly over the internet to your call centre, where your existing call centre system will handle the call just like any other inbound call.

We have concentrated on designing Newfies-Dialer for high capacity, trying to do voice broadcasting really well so if you have an existing call centre or PBX, Newfies-Dialer could be a slot-in Vicidial Alternative.

Installation on your server or ours usually takes place within one working day, so you can be sending out campaigns within a day or two of purchasing.

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