Vicidial vs Goautodial vs Newfies-Dialer


When considering auto-dialing software, there are three names that always come to the top of the search engine listings, Vicidial, Goautodial, and of course, our own Newfies-Dialer.


Vicidial [] has been around for well over a decade and is an open source auto-dialer system developed and maintained mostly by volunteers. It’s based on Asterisk as the telephony engine and uses PHP and MySQL.


Vicidial is a free-of-charge and open source product requiring a certain degree of experience and expertise in order to deploy and maintain it, ensuring that patches are applied, especially those concerning security, and that best practices when deploying telephony systems are employed. This can be quite daunting for some people, especially if IT and telecoms are not their primary business, although support can be purchased through their website.


From Vicidial grew GoAutodial []. The underlying telephony system has the same roots, but GoAutoDial is a paid-for commercial product and adds extra reports and friendlier admin screens backed up by support. Support credits can be purchased via their website.



Newfies-Dialer is a commercial product using Freeswitch [] as its underlying telephony engine, renowned for being able to handle high call volumes. It’s built using a modern Python framework optimised for high performance.

As a commercial product, Newfies-Dialer is backed up with unlimited support, at no extra charge, and all updates, security and patching is handled by us so you can concentrate on your core business, rather than getting tied up in the technology.

We deploy Newfies-Dialer in the cloud, so getting you up and running is quick and easy, and like Vicidial and Goautodial, you use your own VoIP telecoms carriers.

Where Newfies-Dialer does excel is that it is multi-tenant, it can be branded, so it lends itself to telecoms companies and SAAS companies wanting to offer auto-dialer services. Newfies-Dialer even includes a billing module so you can bill customers for their calls.

Which option you choose depends on what skills you have in-house, the time you have available and money to spend, but if you want to know more about Newfies-Dialer, contact us for a chat and a live demo so you can make a few test calls.