Newfies-Dialer Video Training

We have created a series of videos to help you use and understand Newfies-Dialer.


Newfies-Dialer Press 1 Campaign Overview – Demonstration of how to set up Newfies-Dialer for a “Press 1 to talk to an agent” campaign.

Importing Contacts into Newfies-Dialer – Demonstrates creating a phonebook, then importing contacts into Newfies-Dialer for use in your campaigns.

Press-1 Campaign using the survey editor – Create a survey for press 1 transfers. Press 1 surveys are used for lead generation where you call your contact with your proposition and invite them to press 1 to speak to an agent.


How to Create a Voice Broadcast Campaign – Detailed instructions on each setting in the voice campaign configuration.

Power Dialling Mode – Using power dialling mode for direct transfers to an agent, skipping no answers and voicemail.

Creating a phone survey application to Newfies-Dialer for Market Research – This video demonstrates how to create a phone survey for polling or market research using nested IVRs

Extracting Survey Reports – Demonstrating how to view and download survey reports.

Adding a Manager or Tenant to Newfies-Dialer – Newfies-Dialer is multi-tenant with billing, this describes how to add a new tenant to your system and apply a charge for their calls.

SMS Campaigns – Creating a simple SMS campaign using Newfies-Dialer.

Demonstration of DNC (Do Not Call) – Demonstrating DNC lists, adding new numbers to the list via IVR and text file upload.

Debt Collection in Newfies-Dialer – Using Newfies-Dialer to automate debt collection with follow-on numbers.