Voice Broadcasting Software

Newfies-Dialer is voice broadcasting software designed for making outbound calls to your contacts, most often used for marketing and political polling, but is also used for emergency notifications. Voice broadcasting is seen as a very successful and low cost marketing technique. Newfies-Dialer has been designed for high capacity send out calls at high speed. Even on our smallest 100 concurrent call system, it is reasonable to expect to call 60,000+ contacts in a day and we can scale up Newfies-Dialer to handle millions of calls per day.

The speed of the campaign can be varied in real-time so that you don’t overload your call centre agents with live transfers when doing press-1 campaigns, while the dashboard shows real-time campaign statistics in terms of transfers, answers and voicemail detection. There are historical reports for call data records showing the result and duration of each call and further reports of each individual survey result, both viewable on screen and exportable in a range of formats.

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