Rebranding Permission and Custom Template

Newfies-Dialer is released under the MPLv2 (Mozilla Public License) and it is a requirement that all copyright, author and license notices are left intact. However, we understand that you may want to rebrand Newfies-Dialer for commercial reasons.

We offer a permission to remove the copyright, author and license notices on publicly visible web pages, and optionally provide a rebranded template, allowing you to design the look and feel of Newfies-Dialer to suit your corporate image. We will install this for you.




Please contact us to discuss your design or buy now via Paypal below and we will contact you.

There are two options, select the Paypal payment option that best suits your needs:

Permission + Custom Template (€875 Euro) provides you with the permission to rebrand and a personally designed template for you incorporating your logo and corporate identity.

Permission only (€475 Euro) provides you with the permission to remove the copyright and author information, but it is up to you to design and implement your own template.

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