Live Transfer Leads

Live Transfer Leads

The methodology of using live transfer leads as a sales technique can be a highly successful approach to contacting potential customers.

Advantages of Live Transfer Leads

A campaign is designed that calls the contact, a message is played presenting the proposition and inviting the contact to press 1 to be transferred to an agent if they are interested.

This has a number of advantages over predictive or auto-dialling where on answer the contact is transferred directly to an agent:

  • Usually, only people who are interested in your proposition press 1 to speak to an agent resulting in leads more likely to buy.
  • Fewer sales agents can be employed, as they are only talking to warm leads rather than talking to every contact that answers as in the case of predictive or auto-dialing.
  • Leads may be more receptive to buying your product, as they already have an idea of what they are buying.
  • Although it is desirable to answer the call immediately, some delay is allowable if an agent is not immediately available.

Newfies-Dialer is easily configured for Live transfer lead campaigns with a number of our customers successfully selling a variety of products from financial services to solar panels and carpet cleaning.

Features of Live Transfer Leads in Newfies-Dialer

Newfies-Dialer has a variety of features which assist with a successful press 1 campaign with live lead transfer, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Recording of the call to the agent.
  • SIP transfer to Call Center PBX removing call costs.
  • Agent Introduction, the agent can be given audio information about the customer before answering the call
  • Automatic scheduling of campaigns as well as manual override to pause and restart campaigns.
  • Manually change rate of calling at anytime without stopping the campaign.
  • Call Retries for unanswered and failed calls.
  • Detailed reporting in real-time

Newfies-Dialer used in the role of live transfer leads has proven to be highly successful as a sales tool. For more information as to how Newfies-Dialer may play a role in your organisation, please contact us for a live demo.